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128 Oak-Sutton Borough

Book 2


Author:  L. L. Christenson

Publisher: Snowy Creek Books™

Genre: Time Travel Suspense


128 Oak-Sutton Borough

Every time traveler knows that before they embark on any sojourn, any hitch–– even a one second delay could transport them to unexpected places and into the lives of people who may never understand them or their story. 


Bertha Hollinger returned to her childhood home located at 128 Oak-Sutton Borough, expecting to arrive at the precise time she'd promised her Gater, the person who was never late and never––except this time––had failed to greet her on every time stop. He wasn't there, not only that, when she looked around nothing was as she expected. Worse yet––the town resembles a different era.

Trapped in time, alone in the crowd of people, Bertha didn't know anyone, until a shadow ran past her––a man who seemed to be desperate to find someone. When she looked again, she realized the familiar face was the man she'd just escaped––the rogue who'd been pursing her for centuries.

Now at the biggest impasse of her entire existence, Bertha is forced to make choice. She didn't have to travel––back in time twice to realize her only chance of finding her hidden diary––the one holding the key codes of her future success and travels is by accepting the one thing she abhors most . . .  Broeck, and his gentleman's invitation. 

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